Adalbert Raps Spice Library

The Adalbert-Raps-Stiftung is the sponsor of the Adalbert Raps Spice Library in Kulmbach - a collection of literature on the subject of spices that is second to none. With more than 12,000 books and journals, our library offers a wide selection of well-founded literature on spices, food, nutrition and enjoyment. A visit to the Adalbert Raps Library, which is located in the Museum Educational Centre (MUPÄZ) of the museums in Kulmbach's Mönchshof, is possible by appointment; the use of the literature is free of charge.

Comprehensive information: variety, origin, processing & use of spices

The Adalbert Raps Library on the History of Spices sees itself as a scientific reference library on the subject of spices and the cultural history of food. The aim is to create and maintain as representative a collection as possible of culturally significant and scientifically evaluable source material. The more than 12,000 titles focus on botany, origin, history, trade, cultivation, processing and use of spices. Because chilli, coriander, cumin, aniseed and the rest are not just amazing treasures of nature: every spice tells a story. The Spice Library features a collection of selected German-language literature on the history of spices and also provides insights into the future of food culture.

A look at one of our bookshelves with the "Book of the Month"

To give you some initial insight into the diversity of the works on display in the Adalbert Raps Library, we present one of our approximately 12,000 books each month. In 2022, the selection will be thematically appropriate to the respective months. From specialist books to old memorabilia to curiosities, everything is on offer - so it's worth taking a look!

Scientific background

Using cookery books, the Adalbert Raps Library reconstructs the cultural history of food in Germany, from the 17th century to modern times. Some books also touch on the use of spices for healing purposes. Thi specialised library is a unique resource on the diversity of spices for spice lovers, hobby cooks and scientists. Whether the collection is for scientific purposes or its use around the cooker and kitchen - all those interested will find what they are looking for in the Adalbert Raps Spice Library. The books are recorded in a database and are available for reading in an adjoining study room. The library with its scientific background can also be used for journalistic contributions, books or technical papers.

Kulmbach as an important location in the history of spices

Franconia, and the city of Nuremberg specifically, established itself as an important station in the international spice trade as early as the Middle Ages. A crucial European trade route led past Kulmbach to the northern and eastern metropolises. In the past decade, Kulmbach has also developed into a centre for nutrition: renowned companies have their headquarters in Kulmbach, including Raps GmbH & Co. KG, whose founder is our benefactor Adalbert Raps. Science and research have also settled here with the Max Rubner Institute and the Competence Centre for Nutrition. All good reasons to document the history of spices and nutrition in Kulmbach.

The Adalbert Raps Spice Library was initiated by Dr Wolfgang Protzner, who began collecting objects and books on the subject of spices in 1984 on behalf of the Adalbert-Raps-Stiftung. The rapidly growing collection was first opened to the public in 1997 in the "Landschaftsmuseum Obermain". Since 2011, it has been open to the public in the Museum Educational Centre (MUPÄZ) of the museums in Kulmbach's Mönchshof.

Information & Contact:

The Adalbert Raps Library on the History of Spices is housed in the Museum Educational Centre (MUPÄZ) of the museums in Kulmbach's Mönchshof.

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