Adalbert Raps: From pharmacist to founder of Raps GmbH & Co. KG

Adalbert Raps, born on 3 January 1888, was a licenced pharmacist with a great passion for the medicinal use of plants and is still considered a visionary entrepreneur today.

In 1924 , he founded the spice company Raps & Co. in Hamburg. In addition to the spice trade, the company soon gained another focus of activity: the development of new production processes for salt-free spices! A step forward with which Adalbert Raps laid the foundation for the research expertise of RAPS GmbH & Co. KG to this day.

While the foundation stone was laid for the first Kulmbach factory in 1953, another research achievement of Adalbert Raps simultaneously celebrated its world premiere: GLUTALIN, the first flavour enhancer for sausage production, which was the starting point for the company's worldwide success. Adalbert Raps led the company until his death on 6 November 1975 at the age of 87.

Foundation of the Adalbert-Raps-Stiftung

By means of an estate decree, the entrepreneur had stipulated the establishment of the Adalbert-Raps-Stiftung. Because the Raps couple never had children, Adalbert Raps, as a devout Catholic, was especially concerned with fulfilling a charitable mission through his estate.

For this reason, the Adalbert-Raps-Stiftung has supported social projects with at least 51 percent of its income since its foundation in 1978. It is thanks to Adalbert Raps' great interest in medicinal plants that the promotion of research in the food sector also became a purpose of the foundation.