Sebastian Sommerer

Foundation Officer

The areas of responsibility that our "poet and thinker" Sebastian - a real all-round talent and someone with a  truly cheerful nature - holds in his role as a team member at the Adalbert-Raps-Stiftung are at least as diverse as his personal interests!

Team member since: October 2019

What I did before: Apprenticeship at VR-Bank Fichtelgebirge eG with part-time studies to become a banking specialist and then a Bachelor's degree in Philosophy & Economics.

How I came to the foundation:  Somewhat by chance through a compulsory internship that I had to complete in connection with my studies.

My role at Adalbert-Raps-Stiftung: I am responsible for the "in honor of the founder" area of the foundation. I also support the area of food research and take on overarching projects. The conversion of the Heinersreuther Hof into a free space for food producers also keeps me very busy.

That's what makes working at the foundation so special for me: What do I particularly like about my work? - That the tasks are so varied.

These three words describe me best: ambitious, curious, questioning

How to bribe me: With a lavish party.

‍Mypassions: I love reading and my heart beats for ballet. Not to forget: I enjoy being around people as much as I enjoy spending time alone - it's all in the mix!  

What else you should know about me: My favorite books are "Doctor Faustus" by Thomas Mann and "Crime and Punishment" by Dostoyevsky or "The Wall" by Marlen Haushofer. I particularly love classical literature and philosophy, as they deal with the search for the absolute and the "big picture".