Heroes of the Homeland Upper Franconia 2022: Start of the workshop phase

Workshop kick-off on the topic of "Teamwork": Heroes of the Homeland Upper Franconia 2022 starts Phase I


Under the motto "Creating Impact for Upper Franconia", "Heroes of Home Upper Franconia 2022" started last Saturday with the first of three workshops on the topic of "Team" in phase 1 - further development and networking of the third round of the competition. The ten hero teams that qualified for participation in the application phase focused on the question of a common vision, the topic of team cohesion and the individual roles in the team. In order to understand how a strong team can succeed in advancing a project in the best possible way, the aspect of effective project management was also examined. After one or two aha-moments and emerging as a strengthened unit, the hero teams can already look forward to further input. Because after the workshop is before the workshop! Organised by Adalbert-Raps-Stiftung in cooperation with the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the University of Bayreuth, the second workshop day on the topic of "Business Models and Stakeholder Management in Social Projects" will start on Friday, 8 July 2022. The aim of the "Heroes of Upper Franconia 2022" initiative is to promote the development potential of the individual projects and the organisations behind them not only financially but also in terms of content and thus to create real added value for the Upper Franconia region. www.raps-stiftung.de



Hero teams rely on teamwork

Led by Prof. Dr. Eva Jakob - Junior Professor for Social Entrepreneurship,Christian Teringl - Research Assistant Human Resource Management & Intrapreneurship/Foundation Consulting and Marie Enzberger - Master's student and student assistant in the field of Social Entrepreneurship, the first of three obligatory workshops of Phase 1 - Networking and Further Development of the third competition round "Heroes of Upper Franconia 2022" took place at the University of Bayreuth last Saturday, 25 June 2022, from 9 am to 6 pm. A functioning team in which the roles are clearly distributed, in which the individual team members can rely on each other and which follows a common vision represents the basis for the implementation of a successful project. For this reason, the roles in the team, its visions and team cohesion were already examined in theory and practice at the kick-off workshop. In addition, the ten participating hero teams learned about the importance of good project management and gained an awareness of how they can use it to advance their project effectively and sustainably. "We worked out what is very important for team building, which functions in the team should be carried out by the respective team members and how important it is to have a project leader. But the most important insight of the day is: We are already a team, we are not lone fighters. Everyone contributes with heart and mind," says Dr. Barbara Biella (Deputy Chairperson of the Initiative Liebenswertes Kulmbach e.V.).

All participants left the first day of the workshop as strengthened hero teams, which is also reflected in the feedback to Christian Teringl: "The workshop concretised the visions of the hero teams, ideas were developed further and above all it became very clear in the work phases around 'team building' how essential the team is. In day-to-day business, there is often not enough time to deal intensively with the team, the available resources and the sensible distribution of roles. Now the participants had a whole workshop day for this, and they will benefit from it in the long run." The teams can already look forward to workshop two on 8 July 2022 at the Wirsberg youth hostel on the topic of "Business models and stakeholder management in social projects" and thus to plenty of further input.


Heroes of the Homeland Upper Franconia 2022: An initiative with added value!

Creating a new impact for the Upper Franconia region - this is the mission of "Heroes of Upper Franconia", an initiative of Adalbert-Raps-Stiftung in cooperation with the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the University of Bayreuth, which started the application phase for the third round of the competition in April 2022. Unlike previous years, in which existing projects were awarded, the 2022 initiative focuses on the development of the participating projects and the organisations behind them. The ten selected hero teams from Upper Franconia can look forward to a well thought-out programme with added value in the third round of the competition: the organisations can expect not only extensive coaching and workshops in phase 1 - further development and networking of the programme, but also the chance to receive unconditional hero money of a maximum of 15,000 euros with the qualification for transfer to phase 2 - working and growing. The special thing about it: The three selected teams decide themselves on the amount and type of payment. It is conceivable, for example, to make a one-time call for donations for a larger investment or to make recurring monthly payments for the basic financing of the programme. With the initiative "Heroes of Upper Franconia 2022", Adalbert-Raps-Stiftung is releasing a total of 130,000 euros in financial resources to promote social participation in Upper Franconia.