Invitation to the Hero*innen Festival

The hero teams will present the development of their project in the program Heroes of Upper Franconia at the Hero Festival on October 22.


After intensive work and coaching phase:

Invitation to theHero*innen Festival 2022


After the Adalbert-Raps-Stiftung social organizations of the Upper Franconia region in cooperation with the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation of the University of Bayreuth had called for participation in the third round of the competition "Heroes of the Upper Franconian Homeland" in the spring of this year, the time has finally come: The Hero Festival of the commitment competition Heroes of the Upper Franconian Homeland 2022 is coming up. On October 22, 2022, the ten heroine teams of Phase 1 - Further Development and Networking will have the opportunity to present their projects and the knowledge gained during three obligatory workshops to a selected jury at the German Steam Locomotive Museum in Neuenmarkt. While the top three teams can look forward to entering Phase 2 - Work and Grow - and thus to unconditional heroine money of 15,000 euros each as well as an additional year of coaching, the Hero Festival also brings real added value for all other participants. The event is intended to give the committed people the appreciation they deserve, invites them to celebrate their social commitment, offers sufficient time for networking and exchanging ideas and, last but not least, serves as a source of inspiration. In order to create the greatest possible impact for Upper Franconia, Adalbert-Raps-Stiftung is awarding free tickets that will enable 50 other interested social actors in the region to participate in the Held*innen Festival and benefit from it.




Further development and networking: First competition phase ends with workshop on impact

Phase 1 - further development and networking of the third round of the competition "Heroes of Upper Franconia" ended last Saturday, September 24, 2022, with a workshop on the topic "Impact orientation - why it is important, which measurement approaches exist and how to communicate them". The ten Hero*innen teams dealt in detail with the impact of their projects. They clarified questions such as "What change does your offer bring about in the target group?" or "How does your offer contribute to solving societal challenges?" and learned about possibilities for effective public communication. "Projects that act in an impact-oriented way can reach their target group more effectively, attract and retain sponsors and supporters. High-impact communication, knowledge of targeted marketing and pitching - just as the hero teams can expect at the Hero Festival when they present their ideas to our jury of experts - naturally play a major role in this," says Yola Klingel, Managing Director of the Adalbert Raps Foundation.


Held*innen-Festival offers social actors a stage

The Hero Festival, which will take place on October 22, 2022, starting at 3:15 p.m. at the German Steam Locomotive Museum in Neuenmarkt, is not only the fitting conclusion of an intensive work and coaching phase, but also heralds the transition to the second competition phase, Heroes of Upper Franconia 2022. It offers the ten hero teams a stage to present their social commitment, the development of their organization and their project in a pitch to a selected jury of experts and to qualify as one of three teams for a further year of coaching and an unconditional hero money of 15,000 euros each. The jury consists of Carsten Lessmann (Hilfswerft gGmbH), Kerstin Guthmann (wundersam anders e.V.), Dr. Nadine Oeser (KLUGentscheiden!), Frank Kühne (Chairman of the Board of the Adalbert Raps Foundation), and Jun. Prof. Dr. Eva Jakob (University of Bayreuth), the six members of the jury were chosen in such a way that they have as close a relationship as possible to the challenges faced by the teams in order to be able to evaluate their proposals with the necessary expertise. The invited guests include not only the hero teams and their team colleagues, but also cooperation partners such as other Upper Franconian foundations, politicians, other funding partners and experts from the field of volunteer management, as well as representatives of the press. In addition the Adalbert-Raps-Stiftung assigns 50 free tickets, which are available after entrance of the expression of interest via Mail to, Ansprechpartnerin Tina Beeg, for social actresses of the region Upper Franconia. As Teilgeber*innen these can participate in the festival, in order to create as large an impact as possible for the region. With the pitches of the heroine teams, the subsequent award ceremony and the planned supporting program, which in addition to culinary delights also provides ample time for networking and exchange, the Heroine Festival pursues the goal of celebrating social commitment, giving those involved the appreciation they deserve and at the same time being a source of inspiration.


Heroic Home Upper Franconia 2022: An initiative with added value!

Create a new impact for the Upper Franconia region! - With this heroine mission, "Heroes of Upper Franconia," an initiative of Adalbert-Raps-Stiftung in cooperation with the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the University of Bayreuth, started the application phase for the third round of the competition in April 2022. Unlike previous years, in which existing projects were honored, the 2022 initiative focuses on the development of the participating projects and the organizations behind them. Thus, the ten selected heroine teams of the competition Heroes of Upper Franconia can look forward to a sophisticated program with added value in competition round three: The organizations can expect not only an extensive coaching and workshop offer in phase 1 - further development and networking of the program, but with the qualification for the transition to phase 2 - work and grow also the chance to receive an unconditional heroine money in the amount of maximum 15,000 euros. The special feature: The three selected teams decide themselves on the amount and type of payment. Conceivable is e.g. a unique donation call for a larger investment or monthly recurring payments for the basic financing of the offer. With the "Heroes of Upper Franconia 2022" initiative, Adalbert-Raps-Stiftung is releasing a total of 130,000 euros to promote social participation in Upper Franconia.