Adalbert Raps scholarships for the Spice Sommelier/ière® qualification

With the annual scholarship competition, Adalbert-Raps-Stiftung has been pursuing the goal of preserving knowledge about spices, supporting its further development and making it available to people - and has been doing so since 2014! The three scholarships of 3,500 euros each cover both the course fees and accommodation costs.

Every year since 2014, spice enthusiasts in the food and gastronomy industry have had the chance to win one of three coveted scholarships from Adalbert-Raps-Stiftung , each worth 3,500 euros, to qualify as a spice sommelier/ière®. The seminar series is organized by the Genussakademie Bayern. During the 15-day qualification, which is divided into five blocks and takes place over a period of five months, participants learn how to distinguish between different types of spices and blends, how to use them in practice and how to combine them. The training to become a spice sommelier covers the topics of sensory analysis, spice science, quality assurance, food pairing and food completing, garden and wild herbs, healing and health effects, communication with guests and a themed dinner. Professionals who have completed their training and are working in the food sector (industry, trade, commerce, gastronomy) can apply for the scholarships at Adalbert-Raps-Stiftung .

The current scholarship announcement as well as relevant information on the application procedure and application deadlines can be found in due course in the News section. Please note our duties of cooperation for Adalbert Raps scholarship holders.

All information on the exact course content and dates can be found on the Genussakademie website.