Other selection criteria

In order to guide a sustainable process of change in Upper Franconia, we base our activities in the promotion of social projects – beyond the requirements of the Foundation's statutes – on certain funding criteria. Please take our selection criteria into account when submitting your application.

Social and societal significance of the project and its content

Our purpose is to support the socially disadvantaged. This field is broad, which is why we orient our support to real social needs. We pay attention to the fulfilment of the purpose of our statutes and the current relevance of the project's content.

Social impact

A project is effective if it brings about positive changes in the target group and/or society. For example, it might contribute to the improvement of skills and the development of knowledge and thus bring about a change in the actions and behaviour of the target group and/or improve their living situation. Ultimately, the project strengthens the social and societal participation of the target group.

Quality of the activity, the offer and the solution approach

For a project to be effective, it is crucial that the offers, activities and the solution approach are firstly suitable for achieving the goal and secondly for the target group. When sponsoring social projects, we take care to ensure the practical feasibility of the offers, the accessibility and participation of the target group as well as a low threshold of access.

Impact, future prospects and development potential

With the funding of social projects, we intend to achieve a sustainable improvement in the living situation of socially disadvantaged people and pay attention here to the development of your project that may already have taken place, its general connectivity, the expansion of the offers/activities as well as the potential transferability of your project to other target groups, regions or institutions.

Resource mix

The more diverse the mix of resources, the better! Especially in the social sector, a project does not only live on the financially available means; human and material resources also play a decisive role. For this reason, we also include these immaterial and material resources in the evaluation of an application.

We pay attention to a suitable balance in the project context:

  • Human resources (e.g. professionals, volunteers, experience, qualifications in the team)
  • Material resources (e.g. premises, equipment)
  • Financial resources (e.g. participant fees, other sponsors)